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Newburyport, Massachusetts
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Booster Straps can take your boots to the next level.  With three grades of support Booster Straps help support the upper tongue of your ski boot, often the weak point on most boots. 
Priced between $24 and $45 Booster Straps will also extend your boots lives maintaing stability, control and advance your skiing.  An excellent upgrade for older Telemark Boots as well.  Find them at and watch this video.
4G LTE or Long Term Evolution with speeds up to 10x 3G networks.  4G LTE is one of several competing 4G standards along with Ultra Mobile Broadband and WiMax IEEE 802.16. 
Peak download rates up to 299.6 Mbit/s and upload rates up to 75.4 Mbit/s depending on the equipment deployed, with 4×4 antennas using 20 MHz of spectrum.  As many cell networks upgrade to 4G expect improved service in June as Verizon, Sprint and others roll out new and upgraded tower locations.

4G LTE, What Is It?

Booster Strap Your Boots.

Richard Feynman’s brilliance was not fully appreciated until after his passing in 1988.  A Physicist specializing in Quantum Electro Dynamics Mr. Feynman shunned the scientific establishment and organizations as elitists. 
Having foreseen the applications of nano-technology in 1959 Mr. Feynman was pure visionary.  Also a bongo player, Feynman had an obsession to visit the Siberian town of Tuva, a culture far removed from the shackles of our so-called civilization.  Watch this Nova documentary.

Richard Feynman Humanists Genius.

From All Walks
16 mm Film Strip
Evergreen, Colorado
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Apsen Leaf
   New Zealand thru Venice, see elephant weddings, jet-boating, gold medalists, pumpkin launching and zorbing.  AppleCoreCafé’s elegant, character driven content entertains and informs while simultaneously delivering your brand message.

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Skiing Demystified.

Breath and relax your way to more powerful and graceful skiing.

Pachyderm Nuptials. 

Watch this Thai ceremony honoring the amazing elephant.

New Zealand Adventure.

New Zealand is like every great place you’ve been comprised of two beautiful islands roughly the size of California.


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New York, New York.

The Big Apple is just that.  New York City has more than imaginable.  Visit NYC and experience one of the our worlds greatest cultural melting pot.

Newburyport, Massachusetts.

Newburyport on the Merrimack River originally inhabited by the Pawtucket Indians. Ongoing european migration change the Native Culture forever.

Evergreen, Colorado.

Evergreen touts visits from FDR and Teddy Roosevelt vacationing at Trout-Dale.  Their visit’s to Evergreen clearly influenced expansion of National Parks.